Who can exhibit?

Additive Manufacturing Processes

CNC Machines

Adhesive Bonding, Sealing, Applying

Advanced Welding Processes

Arc Welding

Electron Beam Welding

Equipment for Heat Treatment and Other Production Processes

Equipment for Joining, Surfacing and Cutting Processes

Fabrication Tools and Aids

Fillers Materials

Gas Equipment and Accessories Heat Treatment

Industrial Gases

Industry Services Organisations for Joining & Cutting

Instrumentation and control technology, automation

Laser Welding and Cutting Machine Tools

Manufacturing and Fabrication Technologies

Material Testing Equipment & Quality Assurance

Non-Destructive Testing Equipment

Operating Plant and Equipment

Paint and Powder Coating Applications and Equipment

Resistance Welding

Soldering and Brazing Equipment

Surface and Cladding Technologies

Thermal Spray Technologies

Welding Automation & Robotics

Welding Consumable and Services

Welding Electronics

Welding Equipment and Services

Welding Metallurgy

Welding of Non-metals

Welding Research and Development

Welding Safety Equipment & Services

Workshop and Workplace Equipment, Safety Equipment, Health and Safety Accessories